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It Takes A Village



Yesterday we got a shout out from M.O.B. TRUTHS.   Karen is a mom blogger journaling her witty view of a brother-less girly-girl raising 3 boys. Whether you have 1 boy, 2 boys, 3 boys, know some little boys or think you may have a little boy-  her life with little-boy experiences will resonate with you and definitely make you laugh out loud. Her new entry is titled “5 SIMPLE RESOLUTIONS EVEN A BUSY MOM CAN KEEP”. We think these gentle suggestions can be beneficial to any “busy person”. Good advice to start 2018 with! They truly are easy things requiring you to pause for a minute, take a breath, make intentional choices, keep perspective, be silly, and have fun. We couldn’t agree more. You can improve the quality of your life without a big financial or time investment. And we believe that making small conscious changes slowly will be more achievable and sustainable. Before you know it, your brain will adapt to these subtle changes and put you on a path to a happier, healthier life. Thanks Karen for including Cor. We are thrilled Cor is a secret weapon for you to get you through your daily challenges!

MOB Karen inspired us with these awesome tips! They are reminders for our Cor team as we look forward to all good things 2018 will bring. 2017 delivered many exciting things. We partnered with some like-minded influencers and companies. The universe introduced us to Nitika Chopra on Instagam. Something about her warm and approachable look and feel prompted us to check out her website and blog. Inspiring Talk Show Host, Beauty & Lifestyle Expert, Self Love Guru, Spicy Indian Woman, Soul Sister-  how could you not love her? And guess what? Lavender, Sandalwood and Rose essential oils keep her grounded.  So we sent her a pendant and she has been a kind supporter! She’s REAL people! So check her out.

A team member from SkinOwl started a conversation with us this year which led to a fun partnership.  Founder, Annie Tevlin, has a cool story of how she went from professional Make-up Artist to fixing her own troubled skin and inadvertently launching her own natural skincare line. She is a bundle of creative energy with beautiful and good for you skincare products! Stay-tuned for Cor-Skin Owl collaboration next year!

Our first major retailer Uncommongoods continues to sell Cor. It was January 2015 at our very first show when a buyer from Uncommongoods found us at NYNOW. We showed our product there, but had yet to design packaging and refine the pendant. The buyer kept in touch throughout the next year and when we were all buttoned up, brought Cor in. We were in the UCG 2016 holiday catalog which was a very big deal! And P.S., they are a great company for new entrepreneurs to work with!

On November 1, 2017,  we shipped our first order to Anthropologie! Also a big deal! They have some exciting things going on in 2018 that Cor will be a part of! We are excited about growing with Anthropologie. We will fill you in next year…

In addition, there are local retail stores Ally Bally Bee  , The Angel Cooperative , Tsubo Aromatherapy and stores throughout the country helping Cor educate consumers on the benefits of essential oils and encouraging a healthy lifestyle with the amazing benefits aromatherapy offers courtesy of nature.

And then there are “our people”  who inspire and support us everyday-  our yoga community Open Sky Yoga Barn, friends and family.  Much LOVE and appreciation for you all!

It feels so good to have and be part of a tribe. Humans are meant to work together, to inspire and make each other better humans. Competition is out. Connection, cooperation, collaboration and community is the new how to succeed!

We look forward to helping you get that healthy stylish vibe going!

Peace + Wellness in 2018