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Better than caffeine

Ventured out to Main Street last night to try one of Park City’s many restaurants.   Much more vibrant than the sleepy town I’m accustomed to in CT.  Toasted my birthday friend from afar and feeling a little sluggish this morning.  Pulled out Lemon, Siberian Fir and Eucalyptus Essential oils- 5 drops each in the diffuser to bring me to life this morning.

Lemon: cleansing and uplfiting-  It’s sunshine on this rainy day!

Eucalyptus: encourages clarity and vitality-  I’m lacking both this morning!

Siberian Fir- Emotionally, invites forgiveness and self-acceptance-  Me to self:  Apology accepted for indulging in a good bottle of Chardonnay.

All three of these essential oils increase positive energy, are great for sinus health and keeping colds and flu away.