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Celebrate your Sistas

Today’s post was a no-brainer.  It’s Susan’s birthday.  My friend.  Professionally, Susan is a graphic designer(yes she gets credit for Cor logo design!)  She gets me.  Her creativity continues to surprise and delight me with each new project we work on.  We have a few in the fire now.  I’m pretty excited to unveil them!  Coming soon!

Beyond the workplace though, we have been friends for 18ish years.  I reflect on those early days, before life got busy and more complicated, with a big smile on my face.  When we would trek to the Y at 5:30am to get our workout in before our husbands left for work and we started our Mom-day.  Funny how fondly I remember that(getting up before daylight surely was a challenge). And the many late nights we spent lingering at her dinner table, eating, drinking, laughing(homemade grappa🙃definite bonus of marrying an Italian man).  Did I mention she’s a great cook.  She’s got it all going on, yep, jack-of-all-trades.  She’ll take on anything and do it with style and flair.  And her house is always organized and spotless.  Goals.

If I were to make an essential oil blend for Susan, it would be exotic citrus forward- YUZU- because like Yuzu you are always the sunshine in the room.  Yes, she’s sparkly for sure.  Colorful wardrobe, statement jewelry, eyewear channeling Iris Apfel(see pic).  VETIVER would be a nice addition.  Susan loves Vetiver. Not surprising.  It’s grounding and helps reconnect us with the earth and positive energy all around us. She probably likes how it sounds or even more importantly, how it looks graphically- on a label (I get you too).

So Susan, sending you love and joy on your birthday.  Very GRATEFUL for you sista.  xoxo