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In the spirit of balance

This is where I got to meditate this morning!  New home in Park City, Utah(a post for another day). Today is Day 1 of “Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit”, a 21 Day FREE Meditation experience from OPRAH & DEEPAK.  I started one of these 5 years ago.  Having little experience with meditation, both intro’s by Oprah and Deepak were enlightening in many ways.  Each day they resonated with me.  I’ve participated in the many more meditation experiences they have offered since and have come to realize the importance of taking 15 minutes at the start of my day to meditate(my day is just better when I do!).  So if you have been curious about meditation, give yourself this gift.   You have the time if you make the time.  You are a priority, your health is a priority.  Sign up here:

You may have noticed my meditation set-up.  The diffuser in the corner of my mat?  I am diffusing a blend of Neroli and Rose Grapefruit essential oils.  Neroli, a beautiful essential oil, calms your heart and relaxes your nerves while bringing you in touch with your higher self, making the path to your spiritual and creative self easeful.   Rose Grapefruit is cleansing and uplifting. It reduces tension while inviting joy and happiness into your life.  I’m feeling emotionally balanced thinking about these two beautiful essential oils!