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Modern wearable aromatherapy is here

Welcome to the Cor Pendant blog! We are Coreena and Marianne, aromatherapist and jewelry designer, merging our crafts and passions to create Cor Pendant “WEARABLE AROMATHERAPY”. It’s been a 2+ year trek (we’ll fill you in on the adventure in a future post), and we are excited and grateful to introduce a beautiful, stylish pendant that we know will become your new favorite fashion accessory. And guess what? It holds the amazing benefits of essential oils. How can it get cooler than this? Well, it does! Cor Pendant was designed with Cor Wicks (yes, both patent-pending). They come already infused with Calm, Focus and Energy essential oil blends so you can easily pop them in and out of your pendant. We have created them to boost your mood whenever or wherever – easy, right? So what do you think? We’d love to hear about your experience with Cor Pendant, so connect with us on our social channels (links in the footer).