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Wild ride

Sitting here this Thanksgiving morning with my tea and dog Lulu, reflecting on 2016 thus far.  I have noticed on social media the past few days most are expressing their thanks for family, friends and good health.  Me too.  There is more for me though.  I am thankful for the rollercoaster of a year I have had launching Cor.  Aromatherapy, a holistic alternative to support a balanced mind and body, is one of my passions towards the ever so trendy “take care of yourself naturally” healthy lifestyle.  How can you not be excited to share beautiful aromas that make you feel good!  That was the motivation to create Cor Pendant. Oh the dream stage…  it was the most fun!  Reality, a different story.  Managing all the aspects of a start up has made me crazy at times, especially when many of those tasks are “not my thing”.  Many days I yearn to contemplate, commune and create alone with my beautiful collection of essential oils.  This isn’t my first entrepreneurial rodeo.  I know what it takes to make a go of it-  lots of time, stress, money and worry.  Sometimes I wonder why I’m subjecting myself to it all over again.  I vowed this time to take a different approach, to keep things in perspective and enjoy the journey.  There’s been some progress.  I still stress and worry, but I do recognize I’m getting better (post meltdown) at pausing, taking some deep breaths (yes it does help!) and asking what is the opportunity of this situation?  (thank you CW).  Sometimes the message is staring right at me and other times I have to trust it will make sense somewhere down the road.  So I guess what I’m trying to communicate here is that I’m truly grateful for all the bumps, sharp turns and detours on my road.  I’m grateful for the pause.  I’m grateful to feel OK with it all.  I’m not going to pretend, I still stress, cry and have fleeting moments of packing it in.  This shit is hard.  But I can make the choice of how much pity-energy to give the shit.  In the pause, I’m able to see that the shit just illuminates all the good things in my life.  There is an abundance.  I know that it is in the difficult situations that I reap the benefits of personal growth the most.  Thank you to all of you who have and continue to support me.   It’s what keeps me moving forward.

Rollercoasters are scary, make some anxious, but when you get off you feel alive and happy to have experienced the fun and thrill.   I’m so thankful I get to go on the wild ride.